Will IPL Work for Me?

You may be asking....Will this work for me?

The honest answer is it depends. The best way to know is to look at our color chart below:

This device will not work if you have light hair such as white, blonde, or red hairs. This is because light skin and dark hair respond best to home laser and IPL hair reduction. That’s because dark hair has a lot of dark melanin pigment called eumelanin. It absorbs the IPL and laser light energy, heats it up and damages the hair follicle. This stops hair growth.

Black, brown and dark blonde hair (left to center) contain the dark pigment eumelanin. Light blonde hair (on far right) contains just a tiny bit.

But what if you have fair hair that’s light blonde, red, white or grey?

Unfortunately, the laser light won’t work well....here's why:

Red hair has a type of melanin called pheomelanin. It won’t absorb IPL and laser energy.

A lock of red hair

Light blonde hair has a small amount of eumelanin and pheomelanin, it won’t absorb IPL and laser energy.

A lock of light blonde hair

Grey and white hair don’t have any of the melanin types and so it won’t absorb the light energy.

A lock of grey hair

We want to make sure IPL works for you so be sure to check out our color chart above and chat with us if you have any questions.