This has saved me so much money on clinical visits! I had laser hair removal done in a clinic about 2 years ago and it was great, but it is not permanent hair removal. You would have to continue with the treatment in order to see results, but it can get pricey after a couple of visits especially for larger areas (i.e. your legs). So I bought this product to continue the treatment at home and it is a wonder! It is super painless and easy to use. I’m on my 4th treatment and in some areas, hairs aren’t growing back. And if they are, it is very light. I highly recommend this device.  --Hannah B.


I have treated one large and one small area. The laser is easy to use and on setting 4 the pain is very tolerable. I will try it on energy level 5 in a couple weeks. Looking forward to seeing the results after 8 weeks.  --Joanna K.


My wife bought this for me as a gift. I thought it wouldn't work, but it has done wonders!  --Richard B.


I have dark hair and fair skin, I used it on my armpit, I wanted to give this machine time before I wrote a review. However, I’ve had this for 4 weeks now and I have noticed a tremendous difference in my hair growth. Can't wait for the final results. I was very skeptical ordering something like this online, but I feel this is working for me a lot more than when I got my hair professionally removed with electrolysis. Easy to use and with simple instructions. --Jenny H.