1. Can the home use IPL hair removal device be used on the face, head or neck?

Yes. It can be used on the face, neck, legs, underarms, bikini line, back, chest, stomach, arms, hands and feet.

2. Does the IPL hair removal system really work?

Absolutely. Home use IPL hair removal device is designed to gently disable hair growth so that your skin remains smooth and hair-free, for good.

3. When will I begin seeing results?

You will see immediately noticeable results, in addition, you will begin to see results after your third treatment and be virtually hair-free after nine. Be patient - the results are worth the wait.

4. How can I accelerate the results?

You will apparently see results faster if you have treatments twice a month for the first three months. Following that, you still have to treat once a month for another four to five months to completely remove the hair.

5. Can the IPL hair removal home use device be used on men?

Of course! We have already received many great cases, as men want the same permanent hair reduction as women.

6. Does it hurt?

Precisely speaking, the sensation varies by individual, but most people think the felling as a light to medium rubber band snap on the skin, any way, that feeling is significantly more comfortable than waxing. Remember it is important to always use low energy settings for initial treatments and you can purchase our numbing cream if you don't want to take any chances.

7. Do I need to prepare my skin before using the IPL hair removal device?

Yes. Start with a close shave and clean skin that’s free of lotion, powder, and other treatment products.

8. Will hair grow back?

Yes, some of it will. However, it will grow back in looking thinner and finer. If you stop using IPL hair removal device, hair growth may eventually return to its previous pattern.

9. Can I use it everyday?

It’s not recommended to use everyday. Hair regrowth will not be sufficient for a successful treatment (1mm minimum length). It is better to wait for at least 1mm of hair regrowth before doing next treatment.

10. Are there any side effects like bumps, pimples and redness?

Clinical studies show no lasting side effects associated with the proper use of IPL hair removal home use device like bumps and pimples. However, people with hyper sensitive skin may experience temporary redness which fades within hours. By using our after treatment gel it will help keep skin moisturized and healthy.

11. What if my lamp cartridge is used up?

You can buy a new replacement lamp cartridge and then use your device again.

12. How do I use the IPL device?

 Step 1: Shave the treatment area, and clean the hair. Clean the cartridge light output window with cotton swab. Check the treatment window and skin tone sensor to make sure it is clean without filth. Your skin should be in good condition without any injury or wounds.

Step 2: Connect power cord, plug into a power outlet, turn on and choose energy level. At first we suggest using the lowest level and then turn it up as you are able.

Step 3: Put your goggles on to protect your eyes.

Step 4: Press the power button above 2 seconds to turn on device. After turn on, the fan starts and LCD lights, status indicator flashes, Lamp type, remaining pulse, energy level will be shown on the LCD. Place lamp on skin. When the green light, lights up, you are ready to shoot the hair.

14. How long does a course of treatment cycle last?

For the Hair Removal Lamp: 7-9 treatments

For the first 1-3 treatments, do one treatment every week;

For the following 4-9 treatments, do one treatment every 2-3 weeks.

In the maintenance period, do one treatment every 2 months for area with hair regrowth.

For the Skin Rejuvenation Lamp:

8 treatments, one treatment every week