How to Use

How to use our IPL device:


Using at home IPL is very convenient. Be sure this device will work for you by looking at the table below. Once you determine that it is suitable for you, then proceed to next step.

STEP 1: Determine if the device will work for you depending on your hair and skin color.



Use on upper lip hair, arm pit hair, body hair, legs, and hair line on forehead and bikini area.

The product is not applicable for black and dark brown skin color, not applicable for white, red, gray etc. light colored hair.

Step 2:

Shave the treatment area, and clean the hair. Clean the cartridge light output window by dipping a cotton swab into rubbing alcohol and cleaning the window. Check to be sure the treatment window and skin tone sensor is clean and not dirty. Be sure skin is in good condition without any injury or wound.

  • Connect power cord, plug into a power outlet.
  • Put on your safety glasses that are provided to protect eyes.
  • Press the power button above 2 seconds to turn on device. After turn on, the fan starts and LCD lights, status indicator flashes. Lamp type, remaining pulse, energy level will be shown on the LCD. After ready status indicator goes out. (Make sure lamp is installed well before turning on)
  • Short press power button to adjust the level (from low to high, level 1 is the lowest, level 5 is the highest), please choose the suitable level which your skin can bear.
  • Let the treatment window touch your skin closely and vertically, device has professional built-in skin color sensor. If your skin color is not suitable for hair removal, the status indicator will not light, and the device can't shoot light.

 If your skin color is suitable for hair removal, the status indicator will show green then you can treat the areas by turns

  • Treat entire area and then repeat the same process 2-3 times.
  • After finishing treatment, keep pressing power button for 2 seconds to turn off device. Within 5 minutes without any operation, the instrument will turn off automatically.
  • After the lamp becomes cool, dip a cotton swab in alcohol to clean treatment window.

 Skincare for After Treatment

  • After treatment, apply the after treatment moisturizer to the treated skin. If treated area appears irritation, please use a cold towel to cool down the skin.
  • Please do not apply perfume, mask or makeup that contains exfoliator.
  • Within 24 hours after treatment, avoid UV light, during skin care, remember to apply sun cream.
  • If skin irritation lasts over 24 hours without getting better, please consult a doctor.

 Course of treatment 7-9 treatments

  • For the first 3 treatments, do one treatment every week;
  • In the following 4-9 treatments, do one treatment every 2 weeks;
  • In the maintenance period, do one treatment every 2 months for area with hair regrowth.