Benefits of IPL Hair Removal

Benefits of IPL Hair Removal
Benefits of At-Home Laser Hair Removal

In the past couple decades, laser hair removal treatments have become one of the leading technologies across the world. With proven success across dermatologist, aesthetician, and doctor offices, it’s no wonder more women and men are looking towards laser hair removal as a way to reduce and lighten
hair regrowth. But what was once done in clinics and fancy doctors’ offices, has now been brought home to you thanks to technological breakthroughs in recent years.

One of these technologies being utilized within the industry is intense pulsed light, also known as IPL. IPL works by targeting the dark pigment around the hair follicle in order to sufficiently damage it, causing
the follicle to then fall out and put a halt to hair regrowth. It has amazing benefits and results, allowing you the comfort of knowing your hair will not only come back lighter, but will stop the production of hair follicles altogether.

Below are five amazing benefits that come with at-home laser hair removal that will leave your skin smooth and hair free!

It’s Quick, Easy, and Affordable

IPL at-home laser hair removal devices get the job done efficiently and effectively in less time than other hair removal processes such as laser hair removal, waxing, or electrolysis. Because IPL devices have a relatively large treatment window compared to other processes, treatments typically take only 10-15 minutes for large areas such as the legs, and and even less time for smaller areas like the armpits and happy trail.

IPL devices are also extremely affordable. Rather than paying upwards of $1000 for treatments like laser hair removal, or having to make the same continuous waxing appointments that don’t get the job done effectively, IPL at home laser hair removal devices successfully stop the regrowth phase faster and cheaper.

You Can Say Goodbye to Hair Regrowth

That dark hair regrowth, and regrowth in general, will become a thing of the past. While lasers used in clinics and doctors’ offices use only one color on the spectrum, IPL devices use the full spectrum of visible light. Because IPL devices use the full spectrum, the range of skin tones and hair tones that can be treated more effectively are much broader, and therefore, more efficient.

    When intense and focused light is applied to the treatment area, the light is then absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles creating heat in the process. This heat affects the follicles’ cells that are responsible for creating new hair. Once this happens, the growth of new hair gradually reduces in speed, essentially stopping growth altogether. 

    Lighter Regrowth
    As your device does its magic, the hair follicles that do start to grow back, do so lighter, finer, and less visible. This is especially wonderful for those that have course, black hair that seem to be visible even after shaving. The dark pigment that is found in both your hair and skin is known as melanin and is 
    particularly dense at the base of the hair root, so by using IPL devices, the melanin is affected, causing damage, and allowing your hair to come back lighter and finer before stopping completely.

    No Ingrown Hair
    Ingrown hairs can be the absolute worst at times, especially when not easily covered up. They can get irritated and even infected at times. With at-home hair removal devices, you don’t have to worry about finding another ingrown hair again. IPL avoids the risk of ingrown hairs that are commonly experienced
    with methods such as waxing and shaving because it targets growth the root of the follicle rather than just the surface.

    Permanent Results
    IPL devices work amazingly effective for something you do in the comfort of your home. In just a couple treatments, you begin to see reduced hair growth and lighter hair, and over time after continuing the regimen, growth permanently stops altogether, giving you long lasting results and smooth, hair free skin.

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